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RIP 4412 Mt. Vernon, a photo obituary marks its passing



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 Art Car Ball 2002  and Parade              Alex's Graduation 





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Amazon Cruise            The Forgotten Cruise Photos                 The Big Chill 2001             Ibiza Holiday 2001  

European trip Sept 8 - Oct 20  2001

I regret to say that there are no pictures from our trip to England and Spain from July 3 - July 29th of 2002 as my digital camera was stolen on the last night of the trip along with my purse - BAD, BAD purse and camera stealing person!    there are two pictures on Events part two - that's it

Vacation 2003 - July 10 - August 11 Ibiza/London                   Vacation 2004 Ibiza - London            Ibiza-London summer 2005  

Singapore and Perth August 2005          Kuwait 9/05               Japan          Bangkok (10/28 - 11/02 2005)          Bangkok page 2 

 Trip to Dharamsala with the family January 2006                   visit home 2006 May 10 - June 22               London/Ibiza 2006  

 Koh Samui Thailand August 2006            Manila Philippines 8/06                Galveston with Sarah June 2006 

Sawai Madhopur/Ranthambore National Park October 2006                Beijing 10/10/2006

Great Wall of China October 2006               Trip to London November 9 - 20 2006               Goa 12/1/06 - Liz's birthday

Bangkok with Mom and Alex January 07               Goa 01/07               Shanghai 2/28/07 - 3/4/07               Houston trip 5/9 - 6/9 2007

Vienna, Madrid, Amsterdam and Lage 6/15 - 6/26 2007             TR Meeting, Lage Germany June 2007            Ibiza 7/6/07 - 7/23/07


Oh dear, I've been absolutely lazy about my own page since I discovered Facebook.  You see there're a few less steps to uploading photos on Facebook than there are on this page.  I will try to make amends and do better in the future.  There has been a *lot* of travel since July 2007.  Many countries and many events have come and gone.  I'll see what I can do about updating but I may just have to resume from here.  Beth



Favorite Photos that I Have Taken In This Part Of The World





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