The good folks that I have never met in person but are a special part of my life


Norrin and family Norrin and baby    Norrin and boys     Norrin and the lads again

australia  - new baby pics below!

Marks dad    Madhousekeeper and md's mum

Mags photo one Mags photo two

Jantje got his driver's license and a new scooter!!          1                   3

Gerty  -  met gerty  October  2001 :)

Pipeliner  (DAve) and  Carolynn


Alexandre's maman

Hedgehog              2



Photograph's of MD's workplace

The mixing desk  TX SuiteMike the editor , surfing   edit suite II

Norrin and Shalla's new baby callum

in the bath  shalla   Shalla and boys     proud new brothers

Young Norrin in Thailand

My home workstation :)

Tish and her family

Chris at one month       Drew and Chris       Tish and Dave       Tish and Dave again       Drew one month     The boys

Tish and Dave 2005  


resident  goddess  of  austria

One year anniversary group photo          photo two

Finally!!  An official article on Tombraider next generation
pc gamer /march 2002

         2          3            4          5

Well this pic could only go here after all our conversations

Ron J appears in houston when his movie opens, funny and interesting guy , I guess he'd  have to be!

Some of Jantje's vacation pictures

Jantje's  beautiful  picture  of  the  british  museum

Aomori City

Corinthian column



Oxford Circus tube station

My very first web friend ever, - He had a tombraider page when the game first came out and we started
chatting about Tombraider and then just kept chatting..   I met him in person in 2000 when he and his brother simon
came into london for my 40th birthday party.   Here we are the next day at a park party in Brixton,
Alex is on the left and on the right is his brother Simon.


Various Pictures From Gerty 9/12/03


     Suma    Sibe    Mac and PC    front room     kitchen  



    bookcase     wall leak      ceiling leak     front room leak



window attic     Liz and I    Liz     Cambridge     MD and Mark


Ian and I 


More Home Improvement Pictures From Gerty - 10/16/03

First the bookcase              big mess     still a mess    

 STILL a mess      Finished!  


More pictures from Gerty 12/15/03

egg rack     Christmas Tree         Tim on my electric scooter 

the Captain      Matthias in Amsterdam


Gerty's Flat is being repaired

      where my bed should be      rubbish      same rubbish 


Pictures from Gerty 9/20/04

Liz     Ian     Ian and Liz     fruity floor     Mag




Tish's cabin pics 9/14/03


boys in the kitchen     main cabin, picture it with a deck, new roof in forest green & freshly stained...soon! 




  looking towards the dining area, front door is around left corner 



Sitting room; bedroom & bathroom are around the left corner



      Kitchen, we cooked Thanksgiving on the wood stove last year, first time, turned out yummy



     Dave's ouchie, it goes almost all the way around the top of his finger too.  Finger and hand very swollen.  Ears smarting a bit too!  lol



   shed, the white screen door leads to sauna and shower



John's cabin, just needs to be finished with siding like the cabin



bunkie with new deck; the people that built the place lived here while they built the cabin



New Picture of Liz


My secret Santa pressie arrives from Bert!!!!   I won't won't won't open 'til Christmas!


Liz's Texas Visit




Liz has a new apartment!





Some pictures from Tish;  Teaka, the old house and the new house


Dejected, you can sort of see how swollen the toe is, right front paw, last digit


The night after the surgery, out for some air.  Paw still bandaged.


Toeless Teaks, recovered and awaiting cheese



Front shot of current house, c/w sold sign.  Some street work going on hence the pipes in front


Front shot of new house, somewhat overgrown.  Green thumb's itching to get in there