Relaxing in Ibiza


chilling and new shoes and Alfred



the rock star series, are we famous yet?


Tess and Jordi, grown amazingly, smarter than ever and just as cute




the casita we stayed in this year, we moved from the smaller one about 15 yards away



The kitten series.  This year when we arrived there were 3 three week old kittens who had been orphaned about 4 days before we arrived.  I had the great joy

of helping to take care of them for the duration of our stay.  They were so adorable and loving.  They took their bottles like good babies, even holding

them with their front and back paws.  They learned to use their litter box and wash up.  It was so much fun.  I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

They grew so much in the 3 weeks of our stay and they were needing less and less bottle feeding by the time we left.  Bettina will probably still

have to bottle feed them once in a while but they're eating their cat food just fine.








George and Sarah's place seems more like home every year

Sarah assured us the garden had peaked several weeks ago but it still looked lovely


we were off to a country fair in Brixton, loads of people to watch and I got to hold an owl





the strange sight of Mike ready for work in London on the day I left (he had meetings all week)