Our Summer Holiday 2003, Ibiza - London



the first week with the kids, Sarah, Jeremy and Alex


the wait at Stansted was the longest, especially since our flight to Ibiza was delayed, but the time passed

and finally we arrive and have a glass of wine with our friends Thomas and Bettina! (and Duke the dog...and their children Tess and Jordi)

       and get some much needed rest......

the next day we start relaxing  and looking at things


relaxing at Salinas beach

and home        Sarah Diva

speaking of divas..it's LARA!!

At Agua Blanca beach and chirinquito

Alex and Jeremy's spaceball bungee ride

off to Amnesia on a Monday night for Sven Vath

one day we go out to Formantera Island with Thomas and his friend Christian, Formantera is beautiful and not so crowded

The Wednesday night Namaste at Las Dahlias - a beautiful vegetarian meal and then entertainment

only in Ibiza could someone make a living sitting on a toilet on the sidewalk as Jeremy discovers

Sarah, Jeremy and Alex head to London after a week in Ibiza golden sunset

Las Dahlias hippie market

hundreds of these live outside the casita, you can feed them another beautiful sunset

Bettina cooks a delicious dinner while Mike, Thomas and Tess cool off in the kid's pool

and Jordi waits for dinner Jordi and Tess

George and Sarah H. arrive from London! we head out for We Love Sunday's at Space

at Salinas beach again

every Monday, Manumission promotes it's night at Privilege by sending some of the Manumission girls out to cut up and

distribute fresh fruit and hand out free champagne



off in the search for Indian food

Sarah hears of a restaurant called Amarant at Cala Codolar so off we go, getting lost about 4 times, but it turns out to be a beautiful meal

  and a nice afternoon on the beach

when we get home, a new little creature has found it's way to the house and she makes herself right at home

and out again...

breakfast at Plaza des parque

a walk through Ibiza Town

            one of the entrances to Dalt Villa, the old walled city      

Thomas fixes his famous shtickelfish for a feast...fresh rosemary is stuffed inside the fish and the outside is rubbed with salt and

 spices.  They are put on a stake to roast around the fire for a few hours...the salt seals in the moisture, Mike says it's delicious

the kids get a head start Jane arrives with Ishi and Sky Ishi

  six week old Sky models his new suit

Jordi cutie

up into the old walled city and the view from the top   Port of Ibiza ships coming home from Formantera

Sarah and George head back to London we're on our own again

Ibiza harbour at night one last time to Amnesia for Sven Vath

last days at our favorite beach, Salinas the clubs do promotional parades down the beach and hand out giveaways, Salvacion at El-Divino didn't have good giveaways but they had drummers and got the beach-goers dancing

Pacha on the other hand didn't do much but had excellent giveaways, this banner advertises the Friday nights at Pacha I never figured out what she was promoting but she was adorable


Sad to leave Ibiza but excited because we are heading to London for Sarah H.'s and Sara Shepherd's 40th birthday party!!!! Hurrah!

first, decorating, the living room is draped in pink and gold, the garden in blue and silver

Sara Shepherd a perfect haven

 exhausted from decorating the party is lovely

     the babies have a crumb spreading contest   the birthday girls he never mixed on an ironing board before but he thought it was hilarious Orson pays a visit on our last night