We were quite ready to get out of Delhi, the heat was getting oppressive and we were ready for a break.  We spent 5 days in London relaxing, shopping and visiting with George and Sarah and then headed for Ibiza.


The lovely garden this year

Mike's birthday cake

George has had City of Heroes implanted on his cranium, he looks like this now


On to Ibiza

Tess with Rajasthani Barbiethe casita gets more beautiful each year

one of the kittens we helped feed last year is still here, Tigger

Here he is stalking a lizard, he ate the tail but I was able to rescue the rest of the lizard and release it over the wall into the outlands


Sky's birthday party, he's a smiling two years old now

Here he is wearing his birthday cake

almost full moon and then full


Sa Trinxa 2005

Off to the We Love Sundays at Space opening party

one day I'll have to figure out why I strike the 50s model pose for photos, I'm old but not THAT old


Mike, me, Cecilia, her cousin Vicky and Nicole, Cecilia and Vicky made the best dinner for us and the company was also great :)


fish cookout with Thomas, Bettina, Tess, Jordi, Louis, Dagi, Hannes and Nick

this good looking guy was about two inches long, he hung around for a while and then hopped off

my birthday

the lovely Cecilia

airport food in Barcelona, that takes care of our orange, fat and sugar food groups