European trip September 8 - October 20
what a strange strange time

We arrived in london on saturday september 8 and waited for grace to join us, grace came on monday and the next day all hell broke loose in the world.  We contemplated coming home immediately but this was proved impossible by the stoppage of air traffic.  My family also counselled us to remain where we were as it was safer at that time than being in the us.  I rejected that concept as frankly I would rather face danger with my family than be safe elsewhere and fear for them.  At any rate, they argued that we might not have this chance again soon and that it would be best to cautiously proceed as planned, keep a low profile and try to travel safely and still enjoy ourselves.  Also they insisted that they were quite safe and we shouldn't worry.  So, after delaying about an extra five days we set off from london.  What follows is a picture journal of the lighter moments of our travels.  We did not take photographs when frightening things happened to us, when we were upset or when we were stressed out by events.  So take it for what it is, a journal of happy seconds during a journey of many.

parrish and I arrive in London, Jon met us at Victoria to bring us the flat keys....and forgot the flat keys, this set the trend for mishaps on our trips

London first week

Jon, "I've forgotten your keys" it was lovely to see him anyway after the flight   we arrive, september 8, london

grace arrives and does my hair, she's good at that     Our day september 10, grace and parrish and the man in the box

Grace and beth/tower September 10th was my anniversary so we girls had a nice dinner and then too much champagne - the dinner

the too much champagne series

Septembet 11-13, no pictures

George and sarah return home

dinner beth style grace and parrish add their handprint art to the bathroom wall of hands

Paris 1

Parrish naps on the floor of the calais train station     notre dame     me and my door fetish - notre dame     a beautiful square

statue   first bottle of wine in paris   river   grace looking lovely in paris

Barcelona 1

me in Barcelona in front of someone taking a much better picture with a lion  our awful bus tour with our friend Adam aka Atom

a statue of stairs  Gaudi architecture     sunset behind the buildings     more Gaudi

me apparently practicing for a stupid expression contest     the ferry had an everyman sign for disco-a first


Grace and Jane at the big namaste     The Big Namaste-a lovely evening of performance and dance     Beth ready for the big namaste

parrish looking lovely for the big namaste     elea performing at the hippie market     parrish and beth/hippie market

grace and parrish/hippie market     grace and a viking     ishi the adorable  is that sangria again?

breakfast at the finca  mommy and baby     um....some people are deranged     high surf at sa trincha

grace and parrish in front of the rental car from hell     Performers at the closing party at Space     another perfomer

Charlie'  full moon in Ibiza    playa de sa salinas    parrish on the beach     heyyyyy I'm driving a car whoohoo

   the further charlie's angel series 1  2     crazy people in ibiza    nice view of ibiza town    looking over the old city wall

looking up at the old walled city     Grace and Parrish on stairs along the wall     waiting for the ferry     on the ferry

Paris 2

Paris street   boat trip on the Seine    our little chambre    Grace and Kate and you know what    eiffel tower     eiffel tower peeking

Seine    monument and clouds    dome and clouds    the thinker     cat at the rodin museum     more rodin  1  2     fountain

statuary in luxembourg gardens   flowers      three musketeers and nice trees     us and our nice new friends in paris     da goyls

dinner   sky     pantheon 1  2


my short time with wonderful gerty -  1   2   Kate/Beth Amsterdam    Grace/Beth and canal     canal and tower

two more canals  1  2    our huge room at hotel hortus    our room big enough for gymnastics so.....

the four of us and jeff the morning guy     kate marks her territory    beautiful stonework     dutch girl braids my hair

grace being diva     kate and her new friend  1  2   the four of us relax in the common room

the terrific feeling of being in the wrong place

London last day - warning mostly gratuitous silly photos

clever people avoid an overspill of the thames by hand-over-handing along a fenced wall    millenium bridge

me/Thames    this is not a photo opportunity     The AARGH MATEY series on the Golden Hinde  1 2  3 4 5 6    ouch

nice church  1 2     sarah and george and that store     sarah and sh!     Orson makes mincemeat out of me

London last night out - more silliness

Sarah and George have saved a special bottle of champagne     cheers mate      dinner at bah humbug     George and Sarah at the club

me in the bathroom/club    parrish and beth/club    VAMP/club     many happy people and flying things/club     post club ahhhhhhh

picked up a stray on the way home     welcome home roses     my mikey and thai    ahhhhh home at last