Singapore and Perth - August 2005




Swissotel the Stamford

giant sculptures of Asian fruits adorned the walls  of one of the cafes

National Day fireworks as seen from Equinox restaurant on the 70th floor and us in same


various pictures of Singapore


Singapore Botanical Gardens


 National Orchid Garden Singapore


Jurong Bird Park, Singapore







King's Park



a galahwillie wagtailwattle bird


Dinner at Mead's Mosman Bay - Fluor


Swan River Cruise - Fluor - what a nice day we had for it!


tram tour of Fremantle - Fluor



Dinner at Little Creatures Brewery - Fluor

hi Ashok!


Western Australia Engineering Society Awards Dinner - Fluor

Malcom and Gladys were the best dancers on the floor


Mike, Charlie and I drive down the coast


AQWA Aquarium at Hillary's Boat Harbour

so terrifying

so beautiful


Caversham Wildlife Park

Mike gets up close and personal with a flying fox

the kangaroos were lovely and soft, here is a group photo with one nursing her baby...he ate from my hand afterwards and then his mom washed his face and held him

Tasmanian devils (resting)

I have always wanted to pat a koala, so soft and sleepy

the baby kangaroos