Shanghai, February 27 to March 4 2007


our hotel is the one just behind the Samsung sign, the one with the spaceship on top

all done up for Chinese New Year

lunch at the revolving restaurant atop our hotel, Mike looks nuts

some views from the restaurant

I love this building, it looks to me like a transformer of the Egyptian God Anubis

sunrise from our hotel window, it looks like the cover of a Jack Vance novel



out with the girls to West Lake on day one, nice lunch at the Hyatt, a peek at the lake and the purchase of locally grown green tea

me, Patricia, Jeryll and JudyJudy, me, Christy and Patricia



Shopping with the office crew led by Judy and street pictures with the city done up for the New Year's celebrations

running amok near the Science museum

Kelly and I try on a 99 carat emerald ring at Mr. Chester's shop, he will auction it off at Sotheby's or Christie's

lunch at what seemed to be the construction view restaurant



some of us went for dinner and drinks at the Hyatt, the bar is 86 floors up and affords an excellent view of the city

looking up from the lobby, dizzyinglooking out at the city


YAY, a wax museum!  And not just any wax museum...Madame Tussaud's!  Mike and I get down with the waxen stars.

I'm not short! He's tall.

I sent this one to Alex and he completely fell for it

...and then Madonna said, "right?" and I said.."I know, I know."

while Mike ignored Juliaand this chick

I hung out with Brad and Angelina, they look vaguely Chinese

peek-a-boohe'll be back

so, does our breakfast ever arrive at Tiffany's?  Excuse me, waiter, I feel dusty.

I'm not sure what we're doing but we're tough

beating up the mean guyhelp help I'm stuck in his stomach

you know, every time I go out, there's William wearing too much makeup and hitting on me AGAIN.  No means no!

Ball...hole...ball...hole, how many times can I say it?

see what he gets up to behind my back, goosing dead starlets

molds for the wax

ok Sarah and Alex, it's a wax mold but it LOOKS like the face of God from Time Bandits "Give BACK what you have stolen, give me the map"

unlikely astronautsapparently this is what stars wear


alright Einstein, you know how I feel about men with good minds, right here..right now



views along the pedestrian walkway near our hotel