RIP 4412 Mt. Vernon

This a tribute to the house in which we lived in Houston for 9 years.  It recently burned down to our great sadness.  We have so many good memories of that house.  Bad ones too of course but the good outweigh the bad I feel.  Here are just a few photos from our life in that house.  Goodbye old friend.  Love Beth, Mike, Sarah and Alex and everyone.

Sarah sitting on the front porch on Thanksgiving 2003 - this is the way I like to remember the house, even in Autumn, lush and green with the vines twining and bamboo swaying in the breeze.






the dj friendly computer area made party ready, Tilex and Weezle

Ah, memories of the sunporch, this was still in its first yellow and green incarnation

now this is the right quantity of lasagna for a party, it takes a REAL oven to cook this-the stove in the house was a very old one but large capacity and had a fantastic griddle for cooking pancakes etc between the burners.  Perfect for cooking large breakfasts when we or the kids had guests over.

Alex's birthday party in 2001, it's a lan party 8 boys, 8 computers, a lot of pizza, no sleep

Sarah's 21st


Sarah's 22nd birthday party


table set for Mike's 45th birthday dinner

Misha and Season's wedding shower


so many lasagna massives

Insync family Christmas gathering


Jeremy's birthday and Alex's going away party

Grace and Beth Secor hang out in the kitchen





table set for Thanksgiving 2001


Christmas dinner with the family 2001singing Christmas carols

Sarah and granny Christmas 2002Mike, Beth and William NYE 2003

My aunt Mary, mom and Sarah




after redecorating the living room, new furniture and warm colors, the coffee table I built myself.  Jason owns it  now

The sunporch in it's yellow green decor


later it went into a more Indian style with wicker furniture, arched window frames that I made myself and warm orange and cinnamon paint, I put in columns made of pvc pipe and did murals on the ceiling and one wall





Art Projects and costumes

Jay comes over and I paint his head with uv paint

at the house preparing for Jade's fashion show at Rich's

designing and making costumes for my dance performance at Rich's that included Grace and Sarah

costume for Valentine's Crush dance 2003



additional stuff

in the front yard ready to head to the RenfestAlex models the temporary tattooing that I did on his head


this beautiful male polyphemus moth landed on our porch one summer's eve

Alex and friends head to the high school graduation ceremony

Kiki hides in the garden in the caladiums

Alex strikes a pose before prom 2003 in his zoot suit

Mike and the guys chatting on the couch after Misha and Season's wedding


Alex leaves home for college Sarah arrives to drive Alex to Austin to school with me in tow