(The Art Car Ball is a fabulous event and fundraiser for The Orange Show Foundation and I decided to declare myself queen and no one argued and so I've been queen ever since....the end.)   Please visit the Orange Show's homepage
and find out more about them, the work they do and the fabulous and unique art car experience.
Also visit the homepage of the Art Car Museum for additional info on art cars.

This is actually a bit difficult because though I have pictures of all the costumes, I have no idea what order they are in, the orange show knows and has it archived but..I'll just have to do my best

Costume the first
This one had a name, Galaxy 500

Art Car Ball 2000
  This costume was all cds and plastic

Art Car Ball 1999
it's hard to tell but the crown and the bustier are made of hundreds of tiny cars

Art Car Ball 1994
This picture is with Charlotte on the left, she was my ice skating teacher at that time and her friend
This costume was called Goddess of the vine

Full length photo of Goddess of the Vine in front of one of the beer can cars

Art Car Ball costume "Flora"
This is a very bad picture of me presenting a trophy to some winners of a contest during the ball

Art Car Ball 2001 - Queen Mother Earth

...and another

Costume Contest - I was one of four first place winners :)

Getting ready

Everything but the hair

Closeup of the headpiece

 Several photos of the Art Car Ball 2001 at the Astrodome

My closeups of the headpiece were not great, either washed out or too dark
but fortunately my friends Debbie and David took some that are great!

Closeup of headpiece and center

photo 2