It's not that I'm a media hog really, pictures of me just end up
in various publications.  Sometimes with my permission and sometimes

This photo appeared in the December 1992 issue of The Face - This was one I didn't know about until a friend told me about it.  The Shamen were playing in Houston and we were there.  Mike to this day insists that it was meant to be a picture of him and I just got in the way.  He says that they made do with a picture of his nose.  It was halloween by the way, thus the costume.

Public News, April 29, 1993  -  Malcom and I fighting in a little bit of rolling performance during the 1993 Art Car Parade. We're in the photo on the right side of the center of the page.

This one is from the Houston Chronicle February 16, 1993 - Ahh..the early days of raves when parties were fun.  This article was from when the press was still giving favorable notice to raves before the dark days when they became the favorite scapegoat.  The captions are so unbelievably stupid you can only hope the person who put the article together was fired immediately.

Postcard - This photo has been a source of controversy.  It was taken by the photographer listed on the back.  He did nothing but snap the photo.  I designed my costume, I positioned myself and struck a pose.  He has since claimed all rights to this image though I NEVER signed a model's release.  He has won money with it.  He has used it as a full sized poster for his photography show in Mexico city.  What have I received from it?  Nothing.  Interestingly, when The Orange Show (non-profit folk art organization) asked my permission to make it one of their post cards, they required both the photographer and I to sign off on it.  I did that gladly as The Orange Show is an amazing foundation and I was glad to help.

Picture from the Houston Chronicle, Thursday 24, 1997 - The one year I didn't go to the ball in roller skates, you would have thought the world came to an end.  Also we never could figure out where they got the last name "Nelson" they were given the correct one.

Chronicle front page, October 20, 1986 - If you can't find me, I'm dead center in gray and black.  Oh...youth!  It WAS the eighties wasn't it.

Texas Monthly, April 1988 - I am the one with the white hair and yes it's night...and I'm wearing sunglasses.  Sorry.

Camo Coco - This picture doesn't truly fit in the media category as it is unpublished.  However, it is a photo taken on the very first day that Mike and I laid eyes on each other.  We noticed each other but didn't meet until 6 months later.  We were both in the art car parade in April 1988 when this picture was taken though both with different groups.  Mike was driving with the Art Guys and I was with the Urban Assault Vehicle.

Poster for Mark Anthony's - a hair salon, mid-nineties

Model for Amazing Stories Science Fiction piece/October 1991 - We have a friend, Nick Smith, who is a gifted Science fiction/fantasy artist.  He has done beautiful work for the Cthulu books and for many prestigious science fiction publications.  I and Mike have both had the honour of modeling for his pieces.  This is one of those pieces.  The story is of a woman who achieved beauty through science but then began to deteriorate.  He gave us beautiful, signed, numbered and framed copies of everything we modeled for but I only have a few reference photos and the magazines they appeared in.

Challenge Magazine cover/July 1991 - The reference photo is very dark, but you get the idea.
reference photo
Challenge Magazine Cover

Cover of Artist's union newsletter - June/July 1991
reference photo

Halloween Magic Benefit/Roxy Whorra Beauty Shoppe/Texas Monthly Magazine  -  This play was an Aids benefit to earn funds for Body Positive and several other worthy foundations working for the benefit of people stricken with Aids.  We earned $30,000.00!  Of course I am the female on the right with the huge red hair (it took ages in the shower to get that mess out) but it was great fun and I greatly enjoyed being on stage with a bunch of guys in drag.

Houston Scene Magazine - February 1993

Car and Driver Magazine/August 1995 - Oh HEAVENS, isn't this the picture of yourself that you wish to see in an international magazine?  I couldn't stop laughing.  What an expression!

Houston Chronicle Saturday April 29 - same costume, same silly expression.  I must have been in a silly mood.

Health & Fitness ad September 1995 - I did this advertisement for my hairdresser.  Those guys were quite funny.  The "before" picture in the inset is not even my real hair!  It was one of their client's wigs that they were styling.  Of course the whole tragic story and letter were completely made up.  My hairdresser at that time Roger Aucoin has passed away.  He was really a nice person and is missed.

Modelling hats and fabric for Ibiza Body Art/Summer 2001 1    2    - Done for my friend Jane in Ibiza.  Visit her site at:

These pictures are from quite a while ago of course, about 1993 I'd say.  The one of me is a shot that I did for someone's portfolio and the photo of Mike is a reference photo for an illustration for the color cover of one of the Call of Cthulu rpg game books.   Here he was portraying a Tcho Tcho priest.