First London to see George and Sarah


various shots taken around London

The PLO does an entertaining song and dance, my the sixties seem a long way away don't they

George and Sarah's redone kitchen

Mike sometimes develops a scalp condition called chineselaternophoma (hee)


We had reservations at our favorite restaurant - it turned out to be the closing night of the place, sad but what a coincidence that we were there on the last night, I chatted with the chef, took a picture and he signed a menu for us

chefmanager and brother


Summer Fair at the Sudbourne Primary School

for gardeners colorful fabrics laid out for sale


we had a hard time finding a nice cream tea out so we had one at home, even better


we enjoy half time during the world cup final with a delicious pasta and veg "meat"balls





glad to be here

remember the kittens from two years back that we helped care for and bottle feed as their mother disappeared a week after their birth, well one is still there and thriving, the sweetest cat imaginable, here is Tiger:

as he was two years ago at three weeks oldand now at two years old


one of our favorite beaches Agua Blanca, the water is so crystal clear and the chiringuito makes the best bocadillos vegetal (vegetarian sandwiches), they also have these fantastic Argentinian pastries which are addictive...and fattening

my sandy toes


AND I found a bikini that didn't look like crap on me, most do, LOOK SARAH C. I'm wearing our HAT!!

Mike driving home from Agua Blanca


the casita looks nicer every year but their lease is up in 2009 so we must enjoy it while we can

Out to dinner with Bettina to celebrate my birthday a month late

a little visitor in our casita, he needed help to get out of the bathtub and was happy to get it


On our other favorite beach, Salinas at Sa Trincha


El Divino send it's beach promoters out for Miss Moneypenny's with a fantastic bunch of guys who do capoeira, they are amazing

and my two favorite shots, they just made it look effortlesslike they could fly


Then came Privilege's Manumission team with the free champagne, fresh cut fruit and the Manumission girls

a couple of shots of old town Ibiza


last night we spend some more time with Cecilia, we are acting like divas because our picture was in an Ibiza newspaper 5 times as Cecilia was interviewed while giving me a massage on the beach, she is the massage therapist on Salinas beach and I always get a massage from her while there

Mikes bicycles some kids around in the boat bike

Mike Cecilia and I have a drink at Thomas' mini golf bar with Cecilia and with Mike (left) and Andreas (right)