Living in India Page 8


lunch at Lodhi Gardens with Priscilla and Joanne



Surajkund Mela February 2006

Surajkund mela is one of the biggest craft fairs in India.  We took our maid, driver and the driver's wife and children and spent the day enjoying the shopping, food and entertainment

textiles, art, clothing, jewelry, name it

I don't know who these guys were but they were certainly handsome

loads of food from different parts of India

telling a story with dance

Rajasthani dancers and drummers

and more dancers

yogic acrobats

fierce Punjabi warriors


I'm not sure what these women were doing but it involved swinging weighted strings around and drummers, it looked very good though

crowds enjoying

other performers


my driver and his kids


File this under the "I never would have foreseen this" category - giving a small ice skating lesson in Delhi

some festival to Shiva that we passed

giving Tyler and Kolina a small lesson but I think my teaching is flawed

ice is so-so, too soft for the most part and ill maintained, no zamboni

I have NEVER seen this, walker type contraptions for people who need help!


talking to Tony and his kids


Tony, friends and kids have a game


Bukhara with Fluor gang


Holi 2006

Holi dogsthe guards across the street

Holi cow  our guard and the guard from next door Living in India page 9........