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Christmas 2005 - Mom, Alex and Brenda are visiting


Brenda ready to go to the Qawwali singing in Nizamuddin


Mom and I playing scrabble - don't be fooled by the placid scene, this is white hot competition


lunch at the lovely Thai Wok


New Year's eve, goodbye 2005 hello 2006, and so the years fly....

these two...sigh...hopeless


On Tuesday 1/3/06 we visited the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, no pictures allowed inside but here's a view from the entry road through the fog


Dinner at the Olive restaurant 1/4/06


Alex and Brenda visit Fulwara, my driver's village


Don't get the idea that an exception is being made here, they're allowed on the table, we're savages like that


at the Qutab Minar



For Christmas, we took Alex to a tailor's and helped him choose a fabric for a custom suit.  He (with my help and Brenda's) chose a beautiful brown cashmere wool blend by Christian Dior with a large slate gray stripe and a small beige pinstripe woven in.  It was such lightweight beautiful fabric.  Of course, he had to be a complete monkey about trying it on when it was finished and struck these several poses, I believe the first is his Steve Martin impression, then he moves on to what may be Christopher Walken or Right Said Fred.  I'm not sure.  The last is just Alex.


Brenda and I head out for her final shopping expedition...which was a complete failure since she found nothing she was looking for


While family has been visiting we've also been cat-sitting, Kevin had a great time and warmed up to everyone, I think Thai will miss him now that he's returned home.  I don't think the camel is much of a replacement.



how quickly the visit has come to an end

waiting to go to the airportit seems like they just arrived, I hate when they leave



Pictures from the Dharamsala trip



Lunch at Thai wok with Priya



Fluor Family Day 2006

We had a beautiful day for it.  They were held at a botanical garden on Damadama lake.  There was a very good turnout and the food was fantastic.  There were activities for the kids, games and dancing for the adults as well as camel and bullock cart rides.

Off we go, late of course, then we got stuck in a traffic jam that also involved this

and this  truck art  a working camel

our day included excellent food  camel rides

And games, my favorite game to watch was "dress as a bride", four male contestants had a set time in which to don the trappings of bridal finery at hand.  There were 4 pillars on the corners of the stage and on each was some part of a bride's dress.  One had the sari, one had makeup, one had jewelry and the last had the red dye for the hands.  It was hilarious to watch them trying to get it all done and they made a great picture when finished.  Though I'm not sure they could have found bridegrooms.

the winner shown here

I have been eager to ride a camel since we got here and finally had my chance...hurts the backside a bit



people enjoyed themselves on the grounds

the boss relaxes


the rose garden was lovely in spite of the recent frost


as usual when the floor is opened up for dancing, NO one is shy, there is a rush of men to the dance floor


the mcs for the dayRita and Ashok


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