Living in India page 6


Melbourne Cup party -  November 3 2005



Marine Corps 230th Birthday Ball - Roosevelt House  November 5, 2005


some of our marine security detail

with Ambassador Mulfordwith the cake

and me



professional photos taken that night



AWA Thanksgiving potluck luncheon at my house


My Stray Kitties

These are my stray kitties, Mr. and Mrs. Kitty, she is a very sweet delicate little thing but terrified and I cannot touch her.  He will let me pat him and brush  him but clearly he thinks I'm deranged.  They know that breakfast will be coming in the morning and he will sit on top of the generator looking in the kitchen window which for him is some sort of cat tv.  He appears very interested and watches my cats who have their food bowls just in front of that window.  He knows when he sees me come into the kitchen that breakfast will be soon.  Mrs. Kitty got one of her hind paws crushed recently and I would like to get her to a vet but I can't get near her.

mmmm breakfasthe has a huge headhe's very curious about the camera as in "can I eat it?"she just wants me to go so she can eat in peace but she kneads her paws and is happy to see me


Barry's Birthday Dinner

Hilly cookingKevin checking it out

what happens to a lovely chocolate mousse cake when dropped, looks like cow pat


Various pictures

labourers heading to a jobsitea wedding band plus lights jammed into an openbed truck on the way to a wedding

a glowing sculpture on the Thai Wok terracestreet scene in front of Ambawatta Complex


Alison's farewell party


Sarah and Jeremy's beautiful Christmas Card 2005 - I wish they were here Living in India page 7