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Jane comes from Goa for the weekend and brings some of her new dress designs. It's also her birthday!


The Black and White Ball celebrates black history month

some of the pictures are a tad fuzzy, perhaps because at some point I myself became a tad fuzzy


GOA -  March 10-14 2005

We took a few days and went to Goa for the first time.  Goa is wonderful.  So clean after the ubiquitous filth of Delhi.  Lots of bright sunshine on little white churches and temples and green banana trees, coconut trees, mango trees and plants of all size and description.  In the mornings the sound of the animals was loud enough to wake you.  Monkeys, cows, dogs, cats and birds of all descriptions and sizes.   The beaches are very wide, long and clean.  When we took a walk we were often the only people in sight.  The water was warm but a bit sandy for my taste.  Still nice to play in though.  The beach we went to, Asvem beach was not crowded at all but when we went to the Saturday Market at Baga it was packed with tourists, primarily German, Russian, British and French from the sounds around us.  People were friendly and we stayed with Jane and her children.  It was such a wonderful trip and we hated to leave though I did get sunburned (stupid!) and am staying in for a few days using fresh aloe and other moisturizers and hoping I don't peel.


first sunset in Goa and the most perfect I've ever seen

Jane's Beach Shop and Ishi and Sky

Jane takes a break

Sunset the second, just as magnificent

sun sets, beach dries, the dry sands blow over the wet sands and that is when the djinns are moving...see them?


the life behind Jane's house

cow munchingmonkeys watching us watching themjust a small handout maybe?

neighbor girl drawing water from the wellbad picture of a Kingfisherand in the shower..hi!mango treethe view from our terrace

Ishi gives Mike fairy lessons (I don't think they stuck)

dessert after lunch at La Plage on the beachIshi's and my feet

nice bowl of fruit at Gopal's to start the day!

Saturday night market at BagaJane's market stall


a friendly dad and son tussle over a piece of coconut shell, dad won

people just spontaneously burst into yoga in Goakite surfers

Jane stops for fruit on the way homewe head out to Fiesta for a very nice meal

views from the cargoodbye Goa but see you again!



Easter Weekend 2005

March 26 was a day of contrasting events.  It started very early with the Easter Party for children at Roosevelt house which is where the Ambassador and his wife live.  It was a lovely morning and the kids seemed to have a wonderful time.  I worked the tattoo table along with Helen and Karl and applied numerous bunnies, chicks, lambs, lizards, frogs and other tattoos to little people. 


getting ready


our Easter marines at work

Ambassador Mulford with our Easter marines

don't be fooled!  This Easter marine while appearing benevolent refused to hear my Easter list and I believe said "take a hike". BAD bunny! :)



then back to ACSA for some Holi madness


Easter brunch at ACSA


Eric's Visit

airport    Dinner at BukharaIndia Gate is a memorial to those killed in WW 1

the president's houseparliament

The Dandi March statue honors Gandhi's march protesting the salt tax


Qtab Minar

Hanuman and the giant tortoise and me in front of Shivaji


Tropical Party at ACSA April 9 2005

I have no one to blame for my current cigar fascination but myself...darn it  :)

the night ends up with me reading a book and Mike back to setting up the computers


Our First Party in India 4/16/05

looking into the fountain and across to the living room


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