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Night at Baci listening to Sunny 4/21/07

well dinner was calm enough

then mayhem ensued...hurrah for mayhem




Oddly enough, the next thing I post is a party at Sunny's house!  Well I've been traveling since early May so not much to photograph here in DelhiInterim travel photos are in the travels section.  7/28/07



Well we had our end of summer party which became a "goodbye to our beloved house" party as well.  I took a few pictures and here they are but I think Harpreet took some photos as well and maybe she'll let me use them

cooing over Arunanshu, the cutest baby on far


Dinner at Teppanyaki at the Hyatt 8/17/07



I haven't yet figured out what to do with my outdoor cats, I will consult Dr. Gandhi next week to see if he has any solutions, he does not believe in euthanizing so hopefully he can either help me find homes for them or something.  Here they are anyway...

Okay, the brown and gray tabby is Papa cat, this is his front yard family, Mama cat and the two kittens who are white but with patches of Papa cat on them.  They are quite sweet and Mama is very affectionate, Mama cat is Papa cat's number two wife.  He and Mama cat kiss and he's even affectionate with the kittens


This is Papa cat's number one wife who is currently about to explode with kittens and is occupying the garage but wants the front yard back.  She and front yard Mama cat number two wife spend a certain part of each day yowling at each other while the kittens cower behind leaves.  Papa cat is also very affectionate with her.  As you can see.


I don't even know what to say about this guy.  He heard there was free food and just showed up.  Papa cat yowls at him but can't seem to get him to leave.  Garage Mama cat doesn't like sharing her food but she can't seem to get rid of him either.  In the first shot he's pretending to cower behind the wall of the garage.  Don't buy it, every day he gets slightly closer to me as I fill the food bowl and I haven't taken two steps away from it before he's neck deep in it helping himself much to Mama's dismay.  He is the scruffiest thing on earth.  Unpictured is Baby Huey from Garage Mama's first litter who shows up about once a week and tells me a huge loud story and wants to be pet and seems awfully worried about something.  He also still wants affection from his mom who hisses at him to be gone. 



Look how big Arunanshu is growing! 

Mike and Arunanshu playing



Rhaksha Bandhan

Rhaksha Bandhan is a celebration of the loyalty of sisters and brothers.  On this day, sisters go to visit their brothers and tie rhaki (a bracelet that can be made of anything from string to jewels) on their right wrists.  The rhaki should be rubbed with cumin and blessed by a pandit ji.  I didn't get mine blessed.  Then you tie the rhaki and put tikka on the forehead of your brother and you feed each other a sweet.  You can also give him a gift.  Then the brothers give a gift to the sisters.  The whole proceeding is to pledge loyalty and protection to your brother and he should also take care of  you.   I had two adopted brothers for this ritual.  Bruce and Aditya.  Thanks boys.  :)

I first tied rhaki on Bruce and Aditya, then we fed each other a piece of fruit and I put tikka on their foreheads

Manavi was sister to Mike and did the same but she didn't put the tikka

cutest baby in the world

next year Arunanshu might have a sister to tie rakhi, we'll know in 5 months!



Indigo Airlines first birthday celebration at Haze, seeing the band Soulmate.  A great blues band.



Mike and celebrate our Nineteenth Anniversary at Kuki



Ladies Night at Kuki, September 19, 2007


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