Living in India page 14...the adventure continues


Sarah visits February 16 through 25

looking over Sarah's terrace, the bougainvillea is blooming


Mardi Gras at Janet and Jack's with Sarah

I decided to wear one of my Jane dresses and make my face up to match, Sarah went as sarah




Risha and Allison's birthday party, 3/10/07


the birthday angels, well in some reality they might be angels, here they're very naughty women


Mike and Arunanshu bonding


Beth Auntie gets a turn


Matt and Andrew's visit!

at breakfastMatt in his roomAndrew brought a guest of honor

Thai turns up the cute because, well, you know...there's company


Chattarpur Temple Complex




at the Iskcon Temple (international society for Krishna consciousness, yes that's right, the Hare Krishnas)

freaking politician who held up traffic for 30 minutes


chandelier in the Mughal Sheraton in AgraMatt looking like the dead in Agra


in Fulwara visiting Raghuraj's family

the new babies

one and a halfalmost one

the new mothers were very keen on putting sunglasses on the babies for the photos, cool yaar

grandma holds the youngest


this young lady was dressed and fasting for her Durga pooja

the local Hannuman temple

Raghuraj helps his mom cook for us


water buffaloes and a little cow, 2 months old

the neighbor's livestocknot sure why they showed us this....making sure we behave?

a young man goes out to cut some wheat for us so we can see it in its pre-threshed state

out looking at the land


And everyone wants a photo taken


we brought a huge sack of candy for the village children, Raghuraj's brother is swamped while handing it out

with Raghuraj, his mother and father and assorted children



the guys with Raghu and his uncleRaghu's auntie ji


After almost two weeks of Fun and Boredom (well you know, they were visiting US after all)  Matt heads back to the states, we send him off by finally opening the bottle of Cristal that Andrew brought

one degree away from perfecttiny bubbles

yes, this is how it is in our house, the cats have few rules, they aren't allowed to get into the actual plates though


Out to dinner to Spice Route at the Imperial Hotel, the decor is Thai style amazing

the whole restaurant is carved and painted floor to ceiling living in India page 15...