Living in India Page 13


The new arrival, baby Arunanshu Ghosh born December 2 2006

mommydaddyAuntie Beth


at Muna's cousin's sangeet

Pete and MikeHarpreet, Muna's mom, Muna, Alison, Risha, me



Christmas dinner 2006

Alex fought with the hookah and finally won...the maid broke it the next day *sigh*


Goodbye Party for Alex since mom was stuck in her room with a cold

Alex holds Arunanshu, he's a natural I think!

the two country managers trying to look tough, succeeding I think


Midi tries to help Alex play Scrabble, by pointing out letters while sleeping


Celebrating Archana's birthday 6 months late! (busy busy)

she chose to eat lunch at Punjabi by Nature, one of our favorite restaurants

cutting the birthday brownie


Choko La with Rajat


Aditya and Manavi's friend opens a new restaurant called Aquifer and had a private dinner for us, surprise at the end?  No check!

Adityamom and baby with the manager Mikey


Risha Beth and Elisaoddly the dj was downstairs


Fluor Family Day picnic 2007

Held at one of the farmhouses near Palam Vihar, the picnic is a chance for the growing Fluor Daniel India family to spend a relaxed day with their families enjoying the cool weather and sunshine.  There are loads of games and activities for kid and adults, a dj and mc host the games.  Snacks are served initially and then a full meal.  Prizes were handed out for kids artwork and there was a talent show featuring Fluor employees who are a multitalented and diverse bunch and not shy AT all.  After that the dj took over and the dance floor was packed.

ready to go and I draped my own sari too

kids enjoying the riding

we got our palms read and all heard almost the same things

the talent show, this guy billed himself as the Indian Michael Jackson, he really was quite good

Punjabi dancers

Sravan overlooking the scene

Mike gives a speech and hands out awards for the kids art contest

Let the dancing begin, my favorite turban of the day was the yellow one


Get down Tony!


Finally after two years, my first Indian wedding.  It was a girl that Risha works with.  It turned out to be so long that we ended up leaving after the bride finally arrived at 11pm!

I wore my pink sari and Risha wore my brown one which I draped for her, it looked nice on her but she wished she'd worn a black choli.

Kali chased the hems of our saris around and the light from my camera

A large statue of Ganesha oversaw the proceedings

We wait and visit with friends, eat the snacks and observe the dancefloor which is packed non-stop for the entire time we were there.  In fact it was somewhat remarkable that a portion of the guests paid no attention to the wedding at all and just ate and danced.


the groom arrived on his white horse with the red and white fluorescent lights in procession and the wedding band, his family dancing madly around them and money being given on all sides for the new couple.  I'm not sure if the young boy sitting in front of the groom on the horse was a younger brother or not

a brass pot covered with garlands awaits him at the door

the groom and his family enter

the pooja with the grooms family begins

the groom's shoes and socks are removed

suitcases full of gifts are presented to the priest and the groom

then after the pooja the groom is seated on the stage


finally the bride arrives supported by her sisters, mother and the rest of the family

she is supported down the aisle to the stage to be seated next to her husband

They were placing the garlands around each other's necks as we were leaving.  It was a weeknight and already 11pm, some day I'd like to see the whole ceremony.  Mind you, the dance floor was still going strong with loud western and Indian music at this point.  I'm not sure if they ever stop.  Sometimes you were hard put to hear the ceremony at all. living in India page 14...