Living in India Page 12


The Melbourne Cup party October 7, 2006 - this party is held to raise money for the charitable efforts of the Australian High Commission


hat - check, sunglasses  - check, money-check....let's go

our marines representingand winning things in the lucky draw!

sweaty sweaty sweaty, the pool looks very tempting



Dear Liz visits us from Austria


welcome to your bed Liz....ahhhhhhhh


next night, an evening at Climax Nightclub where knowing the owner we of course are escorted into the champagne VIP room where I promptly fall over a footstool flat on my face.  All class me.

Liz, Emma and I are ready to go, does Mike know how lucky he is?

love the silhouette of the turban


The President's House complex

monkeys have special importance in India because of the God Hanuman, this one really does look like he might be holy


a street sweeper, doing just that and some resting


India Gate - A tribute to India's war dead

waiting to cross the street, the speaker plays soothing music

portable phone booth, no kiddingpaan wallah, it's a mild stimulant which is chewed and then spit

busses and traffic

roasted peanut vendor near India Gate, the peanuts are roasted, not the vendor

cars in front of the Hyattbeautiful tree in flower

Liz pulling a Marlene Dietrich at tea in the Imperial Hotel coffee shopme just sitting there

dinner at Olive and my favorite banyan tree


Shopping at Cottage Industries


tea breakthis painting represents the dual male and female nature of Shiva

Liz in front of a Natraja statue which represents Shiva as angry and Lord of  the dance


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