Living in India page 10


A night out at Djinns, missing a large part of the gang but fun



July 26 2006, Priscilla and I have a goodbye lunch with Joanne who is heading back to the states



Judy, Surinder and Jaipal visit in August 2006

Dinner at Thai Wok


Taking Jaipal to the Rail Museum though I think I liked it more

Jaipal looks at the impressive furnace and "drives" the trainanother furnace

that is a big train!

an antique monorail from Patiala

my favorite part, looking at the Maharajah's private saloon cars, they had three on display, most with the original fittings intact

these were built and functioning in the 1890s

amazing bathrooms, more modern than most public facilities today

a FLUSH sit down toilet

the kitchen

"British made throughout...of course"ice boxstove, the coals went in the bottom

the ceiling is panels of hand tooled leatherall wood is teak

original baize tabletops to keep the dishes from slipping, the teak chairs are the original chairs

sleeping quartersthis one seemed to be infested with white mannequins





Time Again for a Party July 5 2006


all set, only missing the guests

the celebratory shot, here's to the new baby and the new airline, long life to both

Adrian sleeping

and receiving some tlc


What it's like in my bed every morning

Mike calls it the holy trinity of cats and wanted to take a picture, as long as they're all getting attention they're happy


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