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we went up on the roof to see if we could see some of the Dusherra fireworks but no luck.  We were just too

tired to go to any of the celebrations.  Here are some pics from up on the roof though!

Archana cleans up before heading out Mike enjoying the rooftop


A NIGHT UNDER THE STARS  10/30/04 - American School Parent's Association party

This was our first real night out in Delhi, Indian dress suggested and also the first time I felt a cold snap but it was still a lot of fun and wearing a sari was a little awkward at first but ultimately fairly comfortable, Mike didn't mind the kurta and pyjamas but the shoes hurt his feet





The terrace on the large guest room is coming together.  We had the grass taken up because it just wasn't tidy and had some pink slate tiles put down.  It's very pleasant to sit out there just now.  We had the bamboo fencing put up inside the railing for privacy



Tuesday 11/2/04 is the day of ANZA's charity event, the Melbourne Cup party.  So, unlikely as it seems I am fully dressed for a party and off to the Imperial Hotel at 8:30 in the morning.  We'll watch the race on television at 9:40.  I should be wearing a fantastic hat but after three failed attempts at making one and no luck at buying one, I wear a seed pearl wrap around my bun as a "minimalist hat".   I place four bets on horses and buy 10 raffle tickets.  My horses don't place and I don't win any raffle items.  I am nominated for best dressed woman but don't get that either.  So, I drink as much champagne as possible to make up for it and shop at the vendor tables.  The company was excellent.

this is how I would like to attend any and every a pushchair    

  people gather to watch the race on the televisions



what a little prince he is


It is the Diwali holiday here, we've made our little altar to Lakshmi in the dining room and have our mustard lamps burning on the porch surrounded by marigold strings.  Wishes of prosperity and well-being to all for the coming year and many thanks for that which we have now.  We celebrated Diwali eve by going out to dinner at the Grand Hotel.  Happy Diwali!

Diwali fireworks


McDonald's delivers and they LOVE vegetarians, I never ate McDonald's at home but it's delivery and it's veggie.....


Mike's "hat"    pretty dress 



December 19th mom and Alex arrive!

     Hey, Alex in India looks like.....Alex everywhere else... 

  mom and Mike relax and watch tv in her room  


Christmas Day


Mom enjoying the house


New Year's Eve 2005


Our visit to Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal

Agra Fort

beginning the trip beautiful structure going up on the road to Agra

just one panel of red sandstone carving, the carving is awe inspiring   monkeys at Agra Fort

views of the Taj Mahal from Agra Fort

crazy bearer hired to push the wheelchair, he was planning a big night out with his earnings this fountain is carved and inlaid as a perfect replica of an ancient Persian carpet

some pictures from our hotel

aww!  we had some guests our guide Ashok  the taxi van from the parking lot to the gate of the Taj

reflection of the Taj in the lotus pool

yuck yuck yuck ish ish - these are wasp nests in the dome of the structure to the right of the main Taj building, they are 3 or 4 feet around, up to 2 feet long and hang from the roof, they are alive with wasps crawling over them......absolutely disgusting and so horrible that you are compelled to look at them - ew


Today we visited the Lotus Temple here in Delhi, the Temple is that of the Bahai faith and welcomes all denominations to come in and meditate in silence, the temple is 9 sided and as you can see is shaped like a lotus blossom.  You cannot take pictures inside so I can't show you but the space is really peaceful and beautiful and we really enjoyed it.


this beautiful Hindu temple can also be seen rising above the distant treetops, in fact...a beautiful Hindu temple can be seen almost anywhere you look


I have been learning to make masala tea.  Masala merely means a mixture of spices and can be sweet or savory.  For tea of course it's sweeter spices.  I have made it twice with skim milk but our driver brought us a can of fresh buffalo milk that his wife boiled for us so that I could try making some authentic masala tea.  It is so thick, rich and good!  If we had this every day we'd weigh 300 pounds each.  I heated the mik with the tea in it, added the cardamom seeds, the ginger and for Alex a couple of cloves.  It smelled so delicious.  I heated it to boiling again just to be on the safe side and to let the tea and spices steep.  When it was finished poured it into a teapot through a strainer to get the seeds out.  It was delicious!  A little skin formed on the top of each cup since the milk is very fatty.


Thai's nemesis...oh the conversations Thai has with him. The pigeon very deliberately looks Thai over scornfully when he's outside.   He and his wife (pictured) live on one of the balcony overhangs on the half-finished house next door.  They are a loose and casual city pigeon couple.  They have no family but pay attention only to each other.  This they do well and they groom each other constantly and are very affectionate but Thai's appearance on the patio is the signal for them to begin a staring contest.  Thai is beside himself that he cannot reach them and meows at them frantically.  If they could laugh at him, they would.


...and a sad goodbye to mom and Alex, they'll be back again but not for a while, mom won the last scrabble game (curses)

Alex and our driver had an excellent time together, they went off on adventures and Ragu took him home to meet his family which Alex really enjoyed, they were hilarious together, especially when Raguraj was teaching Alex Hindi phrases like "do you know who I am!!!???"


I have been having trouble with my hair falling out in masses, it's apparently quite a common reaction to moving here, hard water and stress, and also a common problem with the locals too, so I decided to cut my hair short after about a decade of super long hair.  It feels weird but I like it and it turned out almost just the way I wanted it.  I can either have bangs or I can brush it to one side or the other so that my forehead is clear.


some work I have done since arriving in India

oil on canvas, work in progress      oil on canvas    acrylic on cloth panel

labradorite and rose quartz     jade, rose quartz and peridot

turquoise and amber     peridot and amethyst


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