Ground Floor Entrance

Krishna greets guests


Ground Floor Front Room and view of waterfall through front room window


guest room- first floor

Dining Room


Stairway to second floor

 landing under window


second floor guest room and terrace


  looking up from balcony to third floor bridge and atrium ceiling

  looking down at first floor railing and some familiar furniture from home (and Mike)


computer room, stairs up to library, bridge and studio

Master Bedroom  and dressing room with French doors open


 Terrace off of front Library on third floor


 Library on third floor and view of library terrace through the window



 my studio on third floor at rear of house - we have a sofa bed there so it can double as a third guest room


Lower floor hallway to family room


basement - family room on lower floor at rear of house



stars for Christmas 2005


Rugs for the house