Trip home summer 2006 - May 11 - June 22


First things first, Sarah's 26th birthday dinner


Val Graduation lunch


Mike and I drive to Austin to see Alex and then sweeping everyone up in our wake, to see David and Debbie (and the dogs)

Alex's aptLake Travispicnic with Alex/Brenda and co.


Trip to New York to see my sister and family

managed to see Grace and Alison!

my nephew's recital, he's second flute from the left and a fine musician


Lunch at Alice's Teacup



Small's for jazz with Grace, my sister and my other nephew


Grace bought earrings from me


evening falls over New York

view from another window


sad site of the former WTC

surrounding buildings are still quite damaged


Walk in the Botanical Gardens in Central Park

Russian Orthodox Church

Puerto Rican Day celebrants

home of the future, wheelchair elevator in the J P Morgan library museum

Wales Hotel

view from the room

some random views from the taxiwindow of the chapel where my sister was married


peaceful tableau



....and back home

ready for an evening at Numbers with the kids

JD and David and Saijen


Gretchen's wedding, a road trip with JD

cowboys in attendance

proud uncle of the bride


Day at the zoo with mom and Sarah

new baby, he's 3 months old


Wylie cogitates on saving the world via the House of Pies menu, or so he'd have us think


breakfast with Alex and Nick

sister in law, brother and mom