Goa December 1-4 2006


To celebrate the birthday of Liz we take a weekend trip to Goa

Cheinan, Liz, Mike, me and Risha on Ashwem Beach



Baga Beach

Liz and RishaLiz and BethRisha and Beth...the combos are just endless!

Mike and Cheinan

Goa is attacked by a giant swizzle stick shaped like an anchor AND a tiller


we stayed at the Alidia Guesthouse in Baga which was a nice little place tucked behind a church and a few houses, it was tucked behind one lovely old house which was beautiful inside and each day there was a lady practicing piano and it sounded just wonderful.

the stairs to the room we shared with Cheinanour room is upstairs behind the tree

lady washing clothes on a stone

more of the banyan treelooking out onto our verandah

 one tough beat up alley cat, but sweet and looking for love

our rooftop terracehouse and church in front of cottages

an Indian family give their old father an airing on the beach

a rather large family of pigs ran in the wild patch behind the cottages amongst the small local houses there

hello madame, take a look, some sarong, one more, very good price, cheap, you look my jewelry....not bad on Aswem beach but on Baga beach...nonstop...very tiresome after a while

Sunset on Baga Beach

and moonrise

small Catholic altar on the beach


street views


we ate breakfast at Joe's cafe which was sandwiched (ahah..hahhaaa.hahhaa) between Jane's Aurobelle Shops

Joe's little altarAurobelleyes it's a crappy statue of a dog but we ALL at least once saw it in our peripheral vision and thought it was real, we're cool like that


dinner with Ishi and Jane at Fiesta

I finally found the anklets I've been looking for ages, two of course because as no one but Risha was kind enough to explain to me, you're a complete harlot if you wear only one, I wondered why all the shopkeepers kept so delicately insisting that they only sold them in pairs


Aswem Beach, so peaceful and a perfect day

Jane, Ishi and Sky in the waterMike and IshiJane being led by Sky

naptimebeach shop

the traditional Mike and Beth self-taken we're on a beach again picture


everyone loves a stroll along the beach, even Mr. Bull, hello...goodbye, thanks for not crapping