Goa Holiday January 2007


We stayed at an ecoresort called Yabyum this time, on Aswem Beach, very quiet, staff was quiet, friendly and unobtrusive. The rooms were clean except ant problems in the first room.  They also have mud and thatch domes which look interesting.  The breakfast was included in the room tariff and was really generous and delicious.



us on the porch :)


and breakfastthe beach was 20 steps from our front door

buying fresh fruit on the beach


I took a walk down the beach in the morning to see what I could see

tidal linesa small bird hidesthe red rocks that are part of this area

my shadow in the wavesour place from the ocean when the tide is way out

a closer view of our place from the beach


Sunset from the private terrace over Gopal's and Aurobelle


Sunset on Little Vaga beach


this bull decided to share the sunset with us but sadly left before I could get a picture of him against the red setting sun, he looked at me for a long time because he saw my camera and was pretty sure it was something to eat that I would eventually share.  When he finally got up he came up to my lounger and stared at me for a while.  No doubt he decided I ate my whole camera myself

Uhoh, a fight? No, just checking each other out.

I know these ladies are trying to make a living but seriously, when I say five times I don't want something or need something, the sixth time I am not going to decide that I do.  They get quite shirty with you and start asking why you never buy anything from them.  The fact is that there are loads of them and I am not going to buy something I neither want nor need just because they want me to and if I bought something from each one to be charitable I'd end up with a pile of shit and no money.  The best ones are the ones that just ask and then move on, not the ones who ask, "yes madame, like something, hello friend, you buy something mine, no? You like sarong, necklace, dress, shirt...blah blah blah blah blah."  The worst this time was the cashew guy.  Yes hello friend, you like cashews?  No?  Sweet? No?  Salted.  No?  Plain.  NONONONONONONOONO.  Please take your cashews and piss off down the beach.  Like Terry Pratchett says, people who start off addressing you as friend usually aren't one.

I left my mark on the beach in my own way, it would have been neat to watch the tide wash it away in the moonlight but we left that day