you cannot resist me-don't try     I warned you!     Mike asleep    My mom on the sunporch

One of my favorite pictures of Mike     Sarah in the saddle     Sarah and Thunder     Sarah    Sarah and Jeremy

Sarah and Jeremy at the beach     Mom and Sarah at Proper     Mike and Beth at Proper

Sarah in her sixth grade play in a mom made costume (she was a flower)

    Sarah and Karina    my cousin Tina and me    Mike and Tina

 my aunt Mary, mom and Sarah      Alex with his blue hair     My dad's composite sheet for acting

my brother and sister in law, Steve and Diana on their wedding day   Alex and Margaret

Alex wearing his new hakama -  1         2        3

baby Alex     baby Alex again

More Pictures of Sarah with horses

one    two     three     four     five

Sarah and horse jacket

Pictures from the Past

Mom, Dad and oldest brother Chetty     My aunt Mary, a friend, Mom and Chetty -Chetty died in 1973

    Dad and Chetty golf     ChettyMy brother Steve    My sister Sheba     My brother Mike     baby Beth    Easter Beth 1962

halloween 1964, my mom made the best costumes in the world, you can see where I got my love of costumes

my cousin Lisa and I in my backyard in 1965


Alex and Thai dancing around, notice the cat is perfectly relaxed and enjoying himself!

THE CATS...two of them anyway

You CANNOT see me....stop looking

hello, I am a cardinal, my nest is up here, please put your bad cats inside

...and so, I pretty much own this sidewalk

it sure is nice out here, very nappish

WHAT....go cannot see me I said!

The Palm Tree

It's very large, impossible to get the whole thing at once, here is the top

here is the bottom

here is a view up the trunk through the bamboo

Whenever we go on a trip, Thai tries to pack himself

He is supremely happy in a suitcase with his nose tucked in the folds of a sweater or socks
he is beginning to get blinky in this picture

Now he has tucked his nose into the sweater and is sound asleep, we moved the suitcase
to the floor and he slept there for hours

Note that Midi is also trying to pack herself but into the lid of the suitcase