Jeremy's birthday party and going away party for Alex


see Nick cringe, cringe Nick cringe say what!?  Alex eating ribbon

Beth and Grace chill in the kitchen the birthday Goldschlager ouch, that smarts


Alex gets his braces off!!!

     glad to get them off!!  the tech threatens Alex into submission 

 this won't hurt a bit...aarrghl ahhhhh removable retainers  whoopee!


...and leaves for college

in Sarah's new car!!!

he's taking ALL of that? he arrives to check in

  his dorm, Moore-Hill Hall so they'll know where they're going

I'm not sure there's room in here for ultimate frisbee yeah, that's right bye bye ...sniff


Mike at Macchu Pichu in Peru



My bromeliads are blooming!



BBQ, Misha and Season's 9/6/03




At long last we get a new refrigerator...and discover that the room it's in

needs some work done to be fit for such a glorious article  ;)

the lino was curling up all around the edges so I cut some molding and laid that all around the room        

 figured out a way to shade the bulb in there  and put a second narrow strip of flat molding in front of the door as that was curling up as well but I couldn't use the decorative molding   


The beautiful moth on our porch the night of the full moon

The cats were chasing it and when I went out to see what it was I was amazed at how beautiful

and large it was.  It was much wider than my hand and about as long.  We kept the cats away from it

and eventually it flew off to the trees.  It's a male Polyphemus Moth.



Sunday, October 12 was Sundown at the Social's one year anniversary, Happy anniversary to a great party!!!    Of course, it was celebrated in style with Turntables on the Hudson who made us so happy last spring.   Well, they did it again!

Thanks TTOH!!!










Alex going off to college has really improved my painting environment, I've turned half

of his room into my studio so I am more comfortable and much less cramped.  Mike gave

me a new easel for our anniversary and also a new painting lamp. 





Why I sometimes have difficulty finishing my crossword puzzles


Midi really feels that crossword puzzle time is time for loving, she doesn't barge in, she slowly

but firmly insinuates herself onto the book and gradually takes over more space while gazing at me adoringly




Redo of the sunporch/Fall 2003

Honestly, I think I must have had a lobotomy when I decided to paint the porch of our bedroom yellow and green.  It doesn't look like

it belongs to our bedroom at all.  It's just some anomalous sunflower hanging off the house.  Anyway, I decided the time had come to

make the sunporch more a part of our bedroom.  The bedroom is done in warm sensual colors and feels really nice so the porch should

be an extension of that feel.  I decided to head East for my inspiration and off I went:

Here is the yellow and green, what was I thinking?          first things first, made an oval on the ceiling and covered up the painting that was there.   The new color is called Nevada sky and is a nice pale blue/green        Then it was time to change the ambience of the room by changing the shape of the light source, I cut forms for the top of the windows to change their shape to a peaked arch Taj Mahal style.   As you can see, Thai the wondercat is watching

over the skil-saw and the wood.  Good kitty.


I made a template for the shape and cut them out of 1/4 inch plywood     then nailed them to the tops of the windows

then started applying the new trim color, a rich brown with red tones called Sequoia

the new shape and color of the windows changed the feel of the room at once        

Then I started applying the first coat of the wall color, Acorn, also a really warm color, bought some new wicker chairs too

can't wait to start searching for fabric to cover the seat cushions.




What a MESS!         my columns in their original forms of sewer pipe and styrofoam rings


more mess         The first column is completed, painted and in place 

the room is starting to look good though messier than ever

I start stenciling the borders on the column     Speaking of messes........

I am now at that point where I realize I actually have to finish this and my arms hurt and I'm tired!  :)


the clouds so far       


today I had duelling cats trying to help me, as you can see, Midi has her back to Thai while Thai keeps looking more comfy

just to spite her, Thai got on my puzzle book which only Midi does so Midi took over helping me sew some beads on the curtains



this is what it looks like outside my house today, we've had torrential rain, tornadoes in some parts of town and hundreds of cars flooded, our street

is not even draining there is so much water   

 please note that the front wooden walk is trying to float away

      My neighbor Margery, a bit blurry

yesterday during the heavy rains, I spent the day beading the ties at the tops of the curtains on the door


nice lantern  that burns tealights        faux window, too bad about the wall texture 

Getting close to finished now!