Events Page Five


Thanksgiving 2003





                    the house we lived in when I was little         

 the old sign from the restaurant where my sister worked as a teen


Sarah and Beth's Christmas London trip 12/03



On our way               What Beth looks like after an 8 hour flight

school choir singing in Gatwick Airport (and very well too)      lovely Sarah H. and George     

Sarah deserts by cab to meet Shara and Angelo and go out to Movement 


Sarah, Shara and I share lunch and a bottle of wine in Soho while Angelo record shops for Jeremy



Orson is a most wonderful specimen of cat!  So handsome and cuddly           cleaning his toes!

a cup of tea while shopping, Sarah is beginning to sound a bit sniffy   yes, she's sick, by Monday morning she has a crying headcold

but we head off to the Victoria and Albert Museum anyway

I look like someone's GRAN!      the entry hall of the V&A      

 I am in love with the great bed of Ware and took this spooky picture    hmm. perhaps I can build one.....

tapestry      having a nice tea, the cake was dry enough to have been part of an exhibit gone astray     


Sarah finally succumbs, I took her to the doctor on Tuesday and she had a sinus infection and swollen glands

         Orson plays nurse 

the traditional "Beth cooks a fajita dinner picnic"        



     S&G have uncovered a patch of the lovely old wallpaper in their flat



artists market 12/14/03 to benefit Mocah (museum of cultural arts Houston)

    at David Adickes warehouse amid his giant president heads        Grace gets set up   

     and so do I, Mike and Adam help as well                    


Eric helps us out with some lovely music      Beth and Trish     Adam taking pictures

the artist workshop tables


     Me and Abe                    

this gentleman spent the day forming a star from bamboo, covering it with cellophane and filling it with balloons



The cats received a gift from my mom called "Video Catnip"

it took them a while to get interested and Midi hasn't shown an interest yet but Thai and Kiki:



Working on Gerty's wreath  :)



!! NEW YEAR'S EVE 2003 !!


Party #1 at Grace and Adam's, mmm lovely saki drinks and fondue




Rick and Kirk's for beautiful snacks, drinks and to see the New Year in with JD



Then Misha and Season's to see more people we want to see the NY in with

also some more great snacks and drinks



Refinishing my dressing table - turned out to be quite a project as the sides needed to be recovered and a

drawer built

The old veneer on the sides was warped and peeling up from the bottom, so I replaced it with pieces of 1/8 inch thick birch, here it is with two coats of red mahogany stain and the first coat of sealer     I built a middle drawer and had to put in runners and a stop at the top of the back, the other piece across the back appears to be a bit crooked but that is part of the original piece and I think has to do with camera angle since it looks okay in person      I also got rid of the old mirror and got a beveled edge arched mirror, the two little cabinets are doll furniture that I bought stained and sealed to match the dresser, the bracelet holders on the wall were cheap unfinished coat racks that I bought and also stained and sealed to match this is the top of the dressing table, the grain of the wood is so beautiful in it's new stain and sealer     one of the cupboards I fitted with shelves to hold my little boxes of odd bits of jewelry and also hooks on the doors for earrings     the other is outfitted with hooks for earrings and necklaces     this is the middle drawer drying after it's second coat of stain     and the finished product 


For the first time, I tried painting with oils instead of acrylics.  I have always been

scared of using oils both because of the fumes of linseed oil, turpentine and the

paints themselves.  They now make a water based and water clean-up oil paint and

so I'm experimenting with them for the first time.  It's difficult working with the new paint

but also exciting.




Green Man



Lovely planet weekend at David and Debbie's



















Sarah's 24th birthday Luau