Events II

Sarah's 22nd birthday party, May 2002

The cake, her favorite, angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries
Also with mint leaves posing as strawberry leaves and edible garden flowers

Jeremy hooks up the decks and mixes a while to sound check

and still checking

and still.....

Sarah chills before the party

Ted takes a break after a lovely set

Aaron mixes

Mom and sarah share a birthday hug

Kate and Lisa

Zoe and Trish loving the lasagna

Billy and daniel

the porch crowd

Jason and Brady

Lauren, friend and sarah

Robin and Bree

bringing in the cake, singing happy birthday

blowing out the candles and making a wish

taking out the candles

...and mmmm mmmmmmm

happy kate

living room

porch girls


John and brady

staring at the computer

Thuy, Alana and Sarah

Lauren's photo of beth and sarah

Mother's day 2002

out for mother's day lunch, sarah, mom and beth

beth, mom and sarah

Sarah had a lovely lily in her hair

Beth, diana, mom and sarah

sarah shows off her new bracelet, birthday gift from granny

the family- alex, steve, diana, beth, Mom and sarah

the family again - same line-up

Jay Lee's head - black light painting - 5/25/02
I use uv sensitive ink to do tribal tattooing on his head for the evening

front view

side view

Jades fashion show at Rich's 5/23/02

pulling it together at the house123

backstage at rich's     1     2 345     6    7

the runway stage

all photographs below were taken by Jeff Fleischmann

The models and the clothes

one twothreefourfive six seven     eight     nine teneleventwelvethirteen

Jade takes the stage   onetwothree

my performance at rich's 6/13/02

on the second opening night of "SQUEEZE", the new weekly event at rich's
I am organizing and performing, along with grace and sarah  a short dance and costume piece
following is a picture journal of getting the costumes built and putting it all together

drawings help me sort out what I'm designing          onetwo

beginning to shape the wire frames

wiring things together

the worst thing, having to repeat things for the next two costumes

the mannequin helps illustrate how they will be worn, however, when we wear them our heads
will be higher up inside the form and our arms extend out right at the waiast under the sculptured arms

I use my faithful 50s mannequin francine to make a mold for the face, i use plaster treated strips of
gauze to mold francine's face.  Then I use industrial papier mache to basically remold the face since
I don't want the face to look like a 50s mannequin!

it dries very quickly and I pry it up and pop it off to finish drying inside

after it is thoroughly dried, I will use a rotary sander with dental sized heads to fine carve the facial details

while the face is drying, the form is "fleshed out" more, i add hand shapes and make the body more detailed

here I am wearing the wire frame before adding the plastered gauze to the outside, the bottom circle goes around my chest, the next rests on my shoulders and the top circle fits like a halo on my head

okay!  *sigh* In every project like this there are moments of truth where you have to stop, realize that something
is not working and make a better decision.  First of all, the plastered gauze is a MESS on a project this big,'s heavy when it dries.  Not only that you must wait a day or so to paint or sand.  So, my next idea is to use a thick
cloth tape to wrap the forms instead.  I am off to the hardware store to investigate.

The cloth tape looks a bit funky, having that "curse of the mummy" sort of look but it works okay under
the black light once it's painted

Grace tries hers on

testing the paint to make sure it's uv sensitive

fine carving and sanding the face

painting the face

painting the body in the fluorscent light          onetwo

She now has black hair and a long black braid, flowers on her breasts and around her head
pictures tomorrow

Phew, 4:35 the day of the show, I'm just finished.  Time to sleep for a few hours, here are the shoulder pieces
full pictures tomorrow

Alex plays dj for the dress rehearsal

The night of the show

all painted up and trying to not to touch anything while drying
there was a spray sealer that went on when dry to prevent smudging

Kate takes pictures backstage

Grace camps it up to pass the time

20 minutes before showtime, I'm almost asleep

sarah shows off her leg painting

the three of us

alex provides back stage therapy for all of us

waiting to go on


Heidi's visit

a drink at rudz

durian - a nasty looking fruit if ever there was one

eating it, spiky side out of course

The inside

Schlitterbahn trip with Beth and claudia - august 2002

standing in line for our favorite ride, the dragon blaster  -              4

ready to go!!

up the hatch, this picture gives you no idea of how fast we are going and that we are going up

Sarah was our driver, she's a driver she's a winner etc etc

Bethy S. outside the motel room

Sarah, Claudia making a cute face, alex with no face and beth s

sarah in the wave pool

beth w in the wave pool

Sarah and alex getting ready for our relaxing tube down the comal river

across the little bridge with our tubes

We walk down to the furthest point we can access from the park

Beth S, Beth w, claudia and alex chilling in the tubes              4

Alex going down the tube chute by the dam

getting back into our tubes after the dam  -           3

Jeremy's birthday

Jeremy models his new wallet

mike is not asleep and I don't know WHAT lee is doing here

here they are again and I still don't know what lee is doing

dinner at van loc's, now I don't know what mike is doing

happy birthday to jeremy, what a silly guy

Two pictures from our summer trip to england and spain

Mike beth and william out at a club

Beth holds the "snakeman's" snake - see more on the snakeman at:

off to see Cher - not a bad show at all!

National merit scholarship semi-finalist breakfast at the briar club

Lamar high school's group of semi-finalists - Alex back and center

Alex accepts his certificate and medal while Dr. McSwain looks on

proud mom

proud mike

Sarah's halloween

one    two      three    four      five    six      seven    eight      nine    ten

eleven    twelve      thirteen    fourteen      fifteen    sixteen      seventeen    eighteen

Renaissance festival 2002

group picture  - me, Debbie, Mike, Alex, Margaret and sarah

same picture but minus me and add david

Alex the bold - close up of his tattooed head

Alex again

and from the front

Christmas 2002

the warm holiday glow of candles

jeremy's shoes

sarah and granny clowning for the camera

and snuggling for the camera

sarah is in tears over her beautiful afghan made by her grandmother

diana snacking

watching the two towers

the house starts out very neat!

warm christmas picture

the tree

the tree again

steve jeremy and mike

Happy new year 2003!  Mike beth and William

new year's luck cooking, black eyed peas with molasses and collard greens with butter salt and pepper

ultra colorful lucky food picture

lucky food on fork

beth eating lucky food

alex eating lucky food

alex again

mike eating lucky food

Mirror mosaic forehead for rich's 2/6/03

view one

view two

sundown at the social 2/9/03

Beth, jd and david

Charles and beth clowning around

JD beth and unknown girl

chris mans the decks

costume for Valentines crush dance at rich's 2/13/03

view one

view two

this one was taken by houston social