~EVENTS and places~

New Orleans/spring 2001

by the river at the Dumaine st station     The lobby of w hotel     Mississippi river

Mike in the sunshine     Pretty Corner    Marie Laveau, voodoo queen-hairdresser

Street scenemarielaveau's tomb and me   graffiti poem on marie's tomb

amongst the tombs    Passage in the tombsIrish parade heads down bourbon street

some nice views of the W lobby 1 2 3 4 5 Street musicians

lasagna massive may 2001 and sarah's 21st birthday

GustavoJamie eric and others   Honey and friend   Tilex spinning

Eric avera spinning   Jeremy houston spinningceiling mandala    Sarah

strawberries and cream birthday cake     Thai stressing *snort*     Andrew & parrish

Weezle spinningAllison Beth & kate  insync.porch/fun

sarah and mom birthday hug     more tilex   Jeff james spinning more jeff james    jay

Kitchenjeff and sally    Steve diana and food    Alex party face    charles Mike william

Tilex and weezle   anyone seen my head?

Kate and Beth, girl's night out at rich's

Beth at bar, phillip in the background, world's best bartender

beth and "marilyn" one of the drag queens from the benefit

Kate at the bar   line-up of drag queens from the benefit   kate and beth


Beth, Jay, Jeff and friends - who says you can't wear the same outfit out twice in a row

The great flood of june 2001

What you are seeing here is a series of bridges over the freeway, the white arches are suspension/hurricane arches, as you can see the water is just under the bridges, the freeway is far beneath.  Many cars were down there.  This is a block from my house

This is what it looks like when it isn't flooded

Mike's 45th birthday

Thai played mc as usual     Thai babysitting max     thai about to devour max's soul-or so it appears

    table before     table duringmmmmm cake!     Mike Kate and william     Mike Max and jack

william and beth     midi mike and beth     kate and her cherries, she carried them everywhere

silly jack and star

renaissance festival pictures from november 2000

Beth and some guy     Beth at the ren fest     Oberon conducts the final part of a wedding

a guy from my office getting married     Beth and some guy again     another good costume

beth's birthday weekend at schlitterbahn

alex and margaret at the wave pool     Alex and margaret again     beth in the wave pool     ahhhh relaxation

Mike and beth relax     Mikey in front of the wave pool and master blaster ride     relaxing on the river

mike on the river    beth and margaretthe lovely river     alex and margaret

mike and beth

Pink slip pool party August 2001

Insync family photo (not entirely complete) - bottom left to right Eric, Chris, Belle (the dog) and wes
middle row  - David, etc (the dog),  Andrew, debbie, beth, kim jason pinata hiding joey scott misha mike houston
back row - dan, jennifer, calvin, matt chris, weezle, parrish, kyle

beth has a go at the respresentative pinata

Fearless leader, david and my son alex

Halloween 2001

Mike and Beth     beth and jd in the background

Renaissance festival 2001

official ren fest portrait-Mike Beth Sarah Alex Margaret    Mike and Beth     lady sarah

Beth/Autumn fairy watches the show     lady Margaret and sir Alex the bold

flying fish sailors/Jay lee     David and debbie    long live the king yada yada yada

the chain mail fashion show    lady debbielady debbie and sir david

Autumn fairylady sarah smiles    happy mike  jay lee sings   lady debbie struts

ren fest divas    phantom of the bells

Flashback to the eighties and the early nineties

Mom and alexblonde beth     dias de los muertos downtown

Thanksgiving 2001

before the feast   1234   The family 12     Eating  12     The margaret and Alex table  1  2

Mike and dessert     Sarah and jeremySarah and claudia

Trailride, november 23 2001

Mom and margaret on the trail     Claudia before she fell off     beth on karina     Sarah encourages mom

Sarah and karinamore sarah and karina    Claudia sulking after falling off    mike and alex on the trail

Friday night going out

Grace in Mike's Socks!  STYLE!!!     Blissbliss and grace     bliss and beth

13th Annual chistmas cocktails party - Rich's 12/2/01

Donnie and Beth    David  lone dancer      crowd shotcosme and nassim  Chris Grace, Beth

charles and santa's little helpers     GRACE AND BETH, READY TO RUMBLE     NASSIM DANCE    CHRISTMAS BOD

JD and bethboys having fun    grace vamping  jd and grace  stockings hung with care?  santa beth

     santa ron    I am too santa i am  ron and nassim dance  rich's unique disco ball

beth vampsjd working

Insync Family Holiday Gathering 12/15/01

Spoofy, Wes and Misha     Kate, Mel and Matt   Bart and debbie Mel, Kate and grace    Grace and Adam

  groupAdam and Grace     Jason and Anton     Misha and david chow down     Martin, Allison w and kate

Andrew, Mike chiu, beth and dave thomas     Houston and friend     Joey and David B     david and debbie

jay and cynthia     Dan and friend     Dave T, Mike G and andrew     joey and jason     geary and allison

Anton and allison W


Dinner at the hobbit cafe before the movie - Dave T., Margaret, Beth, Joey, Sam, Nick, Andrew and jason

Dinner twodinner three - nick, andrew, jason and alex's nose

At the theatre - marquee     marquee twoAlex Margaret and posters   beth and posters

boys playing pre-movie games with a ball -         3

line pictures -  bryan, dave T, Houston, Andrew, Alex, Margaret, Sam, Martin and wes

line picture  -  Weez, Valerie,  scott, Beth, David B., David P., JAson, Dave, Bryan, Eric, Alex, Houston, margaret


Alex's birthday lan party, december 22, 2001  -   8 boys, 8 computers and a lot of energy

Alex and sham setting up     Mark's backsetting up the madness    everyone playing hard    computers

Mark is a divaonce again, sam's computer can't see the network - it's tradition   pizza helps

or someone else's computer     pizza time     dmitri eatingnick uses my computer    mike provides tech support

boys Dmitri and thai     Thai wants to play too     Birthday alex     busy packing up the next day

Christmas 2001

The festive tree     Holly dog enjoying the evening     diana and steve accompany the singers

Mike, claudia, steve, beth secor, sarah and mom attack the buffet   Jeremyeating our dinner    Mike and beth

christmas carolsand more carols     beth singing - what a face!!     and even more carols     sarah and jeremy

Christmas cheer!Steve plays for us     sarah in her afghan     again the festive tree     and more tree

buffet tableI didn't have any dessert christmas eve, so I had some when i got up the next day

Mike and beth going to jd and david's christmas buffet

Christmas dinner at JD and David's

delicious appetizers and yummy wines     David slaving away in the kitchen    one two

cheers!delicious food    christmas lovelies  christmas mike JD giving out some Christmas love

..and some more     ain't we just gorgeous!?     can't get enough

Jason's New Year's eve party 2002, doubletree hotel, presidential suite

Adam, Beth, Mikegrace and beth     jason and Jen   Chris bakermel lives the corner of the presidential bath

Jason and Jen     mike brady stands, brady front   Tilex presidential bath beth    kate and that flash

new year's love     Lauren and Bradyhey, brady broke a glass and cleaned it upMr and mrs chris b

Herb weezle and herb    Beth and amy  HoustonBrady lauren kate misha    party Waiting for the car

bad mexican food, worse music     grace adam mike

Additional NY pictures from Jason

Season Kate Beth Marr


we all put on kate's birthday jewelry     beth and mike (mike wearing funny earring)

happy birthday people     Kate and friend Kate and lisa     more happy birthday people

Sarah's race Jan 26 2002

Diana warner plays/museum fine arts 01/29/02

I've redecorated!

living room, stairwell and upstairs hall repainted

second view of living room with new furniture

redid the mantel and put a different painting over it

i built, stained and sealed the coffee table myself - NO KIT!!  freestyling

long view of living room

This flower is growing in my backyard, I have no idea what it is

there is only one bloom

but it's lovely and very delicate

looks tropical

It's baby bird season again - trauma time

Every season after the babies hatch and before they can fly properly
there is this traumatic time of baby birds hopping around in roadways
yards and sidewalks.  We've already had one traumatic incident with
a beautiful baby blue jay who survived 4 days and then was killed by a freak
accident near a neighbour's house.  Now the cardinals are leaving their nest.
I believe there are three of them.  One is out of the nest today and in a desperate attempt
to keep the yard cleaners from stepping on it or blowing it to smithereens, I have
placed it in abasket inside a cardboard box until they leave.  The parents are having fits.  The baby wonders why I don't feed it.  Certainly I'm big enough it thinks.  I tried putting him
in a potted plant but it got out.  it got out of the basket too which is why the basket is now
in a cardboard box.

Here he is on the ground

here he is in the basket, note the reckless look on his face "I'm busting out of here I am!"

and again

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