Trip to Vienna, Madrid, Amsterdam and Lage 6/15/07  - 6/26/07 - oh yes, all the people I visited on this trip were people I've known for years from playing Tombraider.  For some of us it's our ten year anniversary of knowing each other.  First online and then in person.


Meeting dear Liz in Vienna to sightsee and celebrate my birthday, then to Madrid to visit Alexandre and Dina, then off to Amsterdam to visit Gerty and meet up with Ian.  Then driving to Lage for the Tombraider convention.  Hurrah!  Okay, now that it's all happened it's clear that the Lage trip will have to have its own page.


Okay so here's how it went, on June 15th Delhi to Vienna for four days, Tuesday Vienna to Madrid for 24 hours, back to Vienna the next day, fly to Amsterdam Thursday, drive to Lage the day after that and stay until Sunday, drive back to Amsterdam and fly out to Vienna on Sunday night, back to Delhi Tuesday afternoon the 26th.  Right Liz?  It's how we do's how we roll. *chortle*


Rocky and Samwell you's Liz

coffee to start


St. Stephens Cathedral

as always when in a church, I light candle for lost loved ones or loved ones in distress

these break dancers were quite good

out for my birthday dinner following...WELL...'s my birthday

Liz took me to Dots for the best veggie sushi/maki ever

we were so full that we just looked at dessert instead of having any


next day we took in the Naschmarkt for olives, cheeses and bread

vinegar! I bought the elderberry balsamic



Then Schonbrun - this was the summer palace of the Hapsburgs

We spent hours there and didn't even go in, next time we'll go in.  The grounds were huge and full of hidden terraces, fountains, the occasional grotto or altar and statues. Not to mention squirrels and birds.


Egyptian obelisk

ruins with fountaina friend

the view of the palace from the fountain at the end of the mall

this was a gift to a momlooking out over Vienna

a beautiful bride was taking her wedding photos there





Okay folks, here's Madrid in less than 24 hours...ready SET....GO!  Liz and I go to visit Dina and Alexandre (babycroft and Alexinou)...first to Dina's house to wait for Dina

we listen to Dina play and sing


then we go to dinner at the Pharaoh's Cave

Dina multitasks while driving....seatbelts on!

car photos

it's cold and there are wolves




back from Madrid, Liz's dad picks us up at the airport and her parents take us to dinner at an Austrian inn specializing in typical Austrian food, it's called a heuriger


Next day off to Amsterdam to meet Gerty, Dutchy and Jantje

meeting Jantje in person for the first time!  He didn't join us for the meeting though.

good to see Ian again.TR cheerleaders?first time meeting Dutchy as well and glad I did

there are a LOT of stairs to get to Gerty's house

nice silhouette of Jan and Lizdinner at an Indian restaurant

no makeup, toast, tea and (ready Pipeliner!?) SASKATOON JAM!



...and heeeeeere's Lage and the Tombraider Meeting VIII - we set off for Lage and meet Titak on the way and our convoy is off!



home to Gerty's again and resting before we fly back to Vienna


Back in Vienna, Liz's parents come get us to take us to Weiner Neustadt where Liz was born.  We are going for a walk in the mountains.  Now I know that when Liz's father says, "Let's go for a walk!"  He really means, "Let's go hang from a mountainside."  Those Austrians!

admiring Liz's parent's back garden


we set out by our car for the small village where Liz's family began, it's near the trail we'll be taking

Liz and her dad

I was going to delete this photo but Liz likes it so it's staying in

we hit the trail, so....essentially, it's all up...all of it

we pause here to drink elderberry flavored water made by Liz's mom..delicious

the views are breathtaking

Liz and her mom

I love this photo of Alfred, he's explaining to me some of the history of this valley

Liz's dad makes me go first in case I run into trouble

Alfred tells me that probably only 1 in hundreds of thousands of Americans see this bit of Austria, he's laughing as I give myself a cheer

wait wait, I'm supposed to go UP that thing?

does my butt look big in this crevice?  Ha!

the views are worth the climbparagliders

this is a map of the area and I've enlarged the trail we climbed


back in Vienna, we order pizza for dinner and I discover this bear, still celebrating my birthday apparently

Liz pores over an esoteric book


then back to Delhi *sigh*  This was one of the best trips ever