The Illustrious Page of Girlfriend Photos...AND HOW!!!

Grace and Beth at have a nice day cafe
Beth, Grace and Asenath
It's Kate...Kate...three girls in one!
Grace, Beth and Tonya at beach house
Mel's naughty bridal shower-gifts not pictured...ahem
my first birthday and I already look concerned about something
Grace and Beth/halloween
Grace Beth and a cop that we found, we didn't keep him
Beatrice of the azaleas
Sarah, Beth and Sarah prior to an outing to Cloud Nine  - Did I in fact let someone put my hair in pigtails?  Madness I tell you.  Sarah and her husband George have the goodness and friendship to tolerate us as houseguests on our extended stays in England.  I think they get some kind of sainthood for that.
Sarah and Beth on an outing to the Tate
Post Shopping Coma -  HEY!  Anyone can overshop okay?  It's not like I have a problem.
Sarah and Beth on an outing to Bah Humbug - The loveliest vegetarian meal I've ever had in a restaurant
Stacey and Beth - Stacey ranks as a full blown Goddess for both just  being herself AND for throwing a fortieth birthday bash for me which meant a great deal to me!  Evidence the fact that I was only in the second day of antibiotics for a very evil flu and still had a great great time!

The following pictures were taken of Charles Carper as a series by a photographer, very tribal, very intense
Charley is not a girlfriend but a male friend but these pictures belong on the diva'll see!
Charles Two
Charles Three

My daughter says this is one of those times that you wish you had a camera and you do.  This guy was dodging down the median wearing a tutu, he would hide behind a tree, then run to another tree and hide again.  They think he must have gotten out of the institution on a corner near their house.

a lineup ;)