Princess cruise  February 2001 pictures:

Tortola pictures:

Caves at Tortola/snorkel area
Beth's first snorkel
Under the sea
school of fish
two ships, ours is on left
view from Sage Mountain Natl Forest
Cane Garden Bay Beach/BVI-me in the water
Pelicans at beach
Mikey in his favorite place, under a palm tree
Mike and Beth/beach BVI
looking down on the beach from the mountain

Trinidad pictures:

Maracas Beach
Rain coming in over Trinidad
Beth on Maracas Beach
Scenic view in Trinidad
Mike and Beth in Trinidad
Water by the dock-amazing, in Galveston you can't see an inch into water by the shore


rainbow on the water
flowers in Dominica
Mike on the dock - yes he's got a flower in his mouth
Beth on the same dock
our ship in her berth
Mike preparing for our snorkel on the Champagne Reef in Dominica
on the small boat after snorkel
our wonderful snorkelling guides
pretty little view of Domica from the ship

Pictures on board the ship:

Beth in cabin before formal dinner
Mike in cabin before formal dinner
disco with more people than just us for once
Toby, cruise director Simon, Tim and Mike
Toby, cruise director Simon holding Beth, Tim
Mike and his mum
Mike and Beth another formal dinner
Mike, Beth, Mike's mum and table companion Bill at dinner
Valentine's day picture in ship atrium
Mike over pool area one
Sun baked Beth
Mike relaxing
my swell hat
shout out to the Brixton massive
Beth Toby and Tim sunning
Tim Toby and Mike
sunset over Atlantic ocean
one more sunset-hey consider yourself lucky, I took about ten sunset pics
Toby and Tim on the morning we arrived in Florida, I think these guys kept us from going slightly mad

Devil's Isle/Isle Royale:

The infamous Devil's Isle-80% of prisoners sent to prisons in French Guyana died there, those that died were fed to the sharks
crumbling prison cells on Isle Royale
children's cemetery on Isle Royale-this was for the children of wardens and officials
Sad little grave-June 28 1905 to October 9 1905....regrets....
a glimpse into one of the nicer reclusion or solitary cells

Pictures from the Amazon:

Boca De Valeria-the worst stop on the trip, sad animals tethered to sticks for tourists, I got back on the ship and had a word with staff
natives from Boca de Valeria wait for passengers to throw gifts of any kind
Mike and Beth in front of the Opera House in Manaus
Front of opera house in Manaus
Manaus opera house square, the black and white wave tile pattern represents the meeting of the black waters of the Rio Negro and the cloudy Amazon
aboard our small boat and off into the flooded forests of the Amazon
The meeting of the waters of the Rio Negro and the Amazon, looks like cream poured into coffee
water roadways that are normally small trickles in the dry season
the floods create endless water pathways
more water and more green
out on our day long water tour of the flooded forest
villagers seining for fish
Intriguing pathways-I found these most interesting, there were hundreds of little dark arches into the forest that could be followed by boat
more intriguing pathways
swimming village children watch us approach
children watch us as adults stir baking manioc flour-manioc is a staple and is eaten with each meal, sidenote-manioc tastes like doodoo
Mike rests outside the village
that little speck is a dolphin, that was as good a pic as I could get
our first night on the Amazon, small boats took us out to look for alligators
we find baby alligators, our guides handle them nicely and return them to where they found them
Mike's mother takes a look but keeps her distance
Mike has to hold one but I decline-and make it stop looking at me

Our splendid time in Ft. Lauderdale with George and Sarah:

djs from club
Mike George and Sarah, genuine happy grins every one
as my friends know, I am always happy if I can run out and wave to a train in the middle of the night
Beth George and Sarah, more happy grins
one more pub shot featuring the versatile looks of George
sitting around the pub

Formal portraits taken on board ship by ship's photographers: (we never have formal portraits done so I just got them all)

First formal night on ship, Mike Beth and Mike's mother
formal one Mike and Beth
formal one Mike and Beth on the stairs
formal one Mike, Beth and Mary on the stairs
Second formal night on ship, Beth and Mary on stairs
Formal two, Mike and Beth on stairs
Formal two, Mike and Beth and ridiculous blue background
Third formal night, Mike and Beth
Formal three, just Mike
Formal three, just Beth
Semi-formal, Mike and Beth
dinner pic, Mike and Mary
dinner pic, Mike, Mary, Beth and Bill (shared a table with Bill at dinner)
Devil's Island pic, somehow we managed to avoid ships photogs at most ports but they got us at this one