Beijing China



view from the hotelside of a busstreet scenesidewalk relish shop



the Lama Temple with Christy and Aarti

incense is offered to Buddha

ChristyAarti and I

this Buddha is carved from a single white sandalwood tree


Confucius Temple

me and Confuciuseach stone tablet in this hall is inscribed with the wisdom of sagesit's an order really


Forbidden City

ceiling detail in one of the roomsthese huge vats lined the courtyards, fires could be lit underneath

the fantastic moat and of all things people fishing in it



Tiananmen Square

Mao, still sadly omnipresentthe red army marches

the great hall of the peoplethis is the building on the Chinese communist emblem



Fluor Dinner at Peking Duck restaurant (I ate noodles)

little pastry ducks filled with sweet bean paste



Summer Palace

where the emporers went when it got hot, it was more impressive with its moat and rambling Buddhist structures in the back built into rock than the Forbidden City really.  The palace is huge and surrounded by a giant moat, it has long hallways with painted pillars and small paintings over each arch that literally go on out of your range of vision.  Pastoral walkways through pine trees and endless halls and statues. 


there were hundreds and hundreds of these paintingsit's Thai!

the lake around the summer palace

The dowager empress Cixi was given a budget to use for the navy but used it to refurbish the palace instead and the only nod to the navy was to build this useless but splendid marble boat

looking down on the front part of the summer palace

the Summer Palace had its own theatre and we were treated to a short show featuring lovely dancers, musicians and clowns

back of me watching the show




Pandas! at the Beijing Zoo

Do not even tell me it gets cuter than this!

little ones on a trip to the zoo


We had a great veg meal at a Buddhist restaurant called Lotus in Moonlight



Changi Airport in Singapore, one of the best airports ever, they know how to take care of you

First we have a meal at their veg Indian restaurant upstairs

the sushi bar is adorable, note the conveyor belt carrying the dishes round and round in front of the seats


then we headed for the reflexology massage center for a jasmine tea and soothing forty minute foot massage by their waterfall