Bankok January 07 with Mom and Alex

Suvarnabumi Airport is still shiny and new and featured this very pretty Christmas tree

the revered King Bhumipol and Queen Sirikit of Thailand


off we gothe view from our hotelmom checks out the view


I love Thailand, this section of the minibar contains your strawberry flavored condoms, alka seltzer and breath mints


We went shopping for "designer" bags in Sikhumvit Road and stopped for a refreshing beverage

chook dee!


we decided to let Mom experience the adventure that is taking a tuk tuk or autorickshaw...HOLD ON

yes yes Alex, YOU WON


A day taking in the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Keaw

crap, car keys gone again! Forget my own head next.

Excuse me sir but whatever that is you're doing behind my mother, please do it elsewhere.

dinner at Vivaldi with Mike and Mom, Alex is at a Thai boxing match


Khao San Road with Alex, the backpacker area

beer!this is Mike's old stomping ground so he's happy to show Alex around


We take a dinner cruise on board a traditional Thai riverboat complete with musicians and dancers


mom against the backdrop of Wat Arun, the river and the night skyWat Arun

a very bad picture of the Grand Palace and the yellow full moon over the river

a beautiful suspension bridge strung like a giant spider's web across the river


We take in a show that was so breathtaking, also a lovely meal provided beforehand.  The show was like a Cirque De Soleil style show about Thailand's mythical, religious and cultural history.  We all found our expectations far exceeded.


Also Alex fell in love with this elephant, he wanted to ride an elephant very badly but the best he could do was befriend this one, feed it bananas and let it pick him up

Alex expresses his regret with artwork on hotel stationary - he REALLY wanted to ride an elephant


Mom and Alex relax by the pool


random interesting performers seen coming into our hotel


Alex in Patpong, right outside one of the many .....shows