Art Car Ball 2002

pictures courtesy of Kate Gordon

A swell plant car

Beth Louis and Cathy

Beth Mike Trish and Craig

Kate in front of a lovely detergent light car

Mike and Beth begin the evening

The lovely Kate and Trish

strike a pose

Jackie and a nice cop

Debbie David Beth Mike and Alex

Beth and Louis and the hat

Adam Kate Grace and Melissa

Chef Bob mcs the Miss Fear and Loathing contest

Alex enjoying the destroy a car exhibit

Debbie Kate David

Kate and Mike

Debbie, Carlos a beautiful drag queen, Trish and Cathy

Beth Jack and Star

another pose

Kate, Mike Galbreath and friend

(photos courtesy of Kate Gordon)
there were around 250 cars entered, this is just a sampling

I love this car, the snakes are made of individual scales of sheet metal, the colors are gorgeous
Kenny and me, nice codpiece as well ;)

a new take on the squirrel wheel

The Shoe Car

Dennis Clay, family and the Double VW - Pat, me and Mario to the left

Mr. Potatohead eats Houston

Gold Leaf

This year's new gator car

The clam car?

The Mantis Car, one of my favorites

The German Shepherd rescue league car

The Green Party joins in

Vincent's Dream

Student Driver

The Curler Car

The Fruitmobile, one of my favorites and one of the first art cars in Houston

The Sea Car

car with painting

I love this one!!  So delicate

the peace car

a bug car

I think this one had to do with not banning books, the car is covered with books

planter car

recycle truck and house

temple car

Beth and Liz and the snake

Craig, Pat, Mike and hidden Mario

tulip car

ant car, Pat Beth Mario, Mike and Phil

Haahahhaa, had a cowpopemobile